About Us




Skillie is a fishing apparel and lifestyle brand that was launched to offer outdoorsmen high-performance gear with a classic and simple design. We felt that the industry had veered too much into the realm of "mahi-camo" and wanted to offer an alternative. Our aim is to provide you with top-notch apparel whether you're in the cockpit fighting a real one or out to dinner with the boss man and his family.

"Skillie" is a Portuguese term for White Marlin in ports like Menemsha, Nantucket, Falmouth and New Bedford. This term was once widely used in the Northeast but was almost lost on the younger generation of fishermen. We're going to make sure the term survives. We are passionate about our culture and passing it along to the next generation of outdoorsmen.

Growing up as the son of a sport fishing captain is tough on a kid, especially when you only get to see your dad about three months out of the year. One of the things that I cherished as a kid were the fishing shirts my father (Capt. Doug Lindley) would bring home to me. These shirts were nothing fancy, mostly just boat or tournament shirts, but they reminded me of my dad and helped me cope with him being in Mexico, Costa Rica, or the Azores for a good portion of my childhood. The idea for Skillie has been in my head since I was about ten years old. I wanted more fishing shirts and sweatshirts but they were very hard to come by. I'm hopeful that some of our products will have the same affect on people that a Merritt or Murray Brothers shirt has always had on me.

Skillie is a veteran owned and operated business.


Mike Lindley, Founder